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By 5th November 2020No Comments

It’s the end of another school holiday and we are pleased to say that we had 89 young people attend our free half term boxing sessions.

Training Cave delivered 15 sessions over 5 days for 6-18 year olds.

These boxing and fitness classes taught the basics skills of boxing while helping young people the importance of living a healthy lifestyle.

At the Training Cave we believe that it’s not all about the sport and competition, but also about the transferable life skills you gain through training and we used this school holiday project as a way of reaching more young people.

We always include personal development techniques during our classes which teach discipline, respect and self control while also learning to overcome fears, improve self motivation and concentration. 

Every time we deliver a school holiday project we meet many new people. It’s always an exciting time and many tend to stay and join the Training Cave as a full time member. We have also found the few reach the level of competition and represent the club.

We feel that young people who have attended our half term sessions will now be fully equipped, physically and mentally for their return to education:

Well done to all those that took part, we look forward to seeing you in our regular time table 🐺🥊