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Mini Boxers (6-8)

Promote a healthy lifestyle for your kids and bring them along to one of our sessions.

Female Only Boxing (9+)

Although we encourage that everyone trains together, we do provide a female only boxing class for 9 years and above.

Junior Boxing (9-13)

A class for 9-13 year olds who wish give boxing a try.

Beginners Boxing (14+)

Boxing for those age 14 and above.

Veterans Boxing (50+)

At the Training Cave we are using physical activity to tackle loneliness, depression and dementia. This sessions involves non contact boxing training mixed with some light exercises.

Neurodiversity & SEND

We are proud to offer a safe and controlled environment for people who are neurodiverse and those with special education needs to interact with their peers, learn and practice the skills of boxing.

Rocky Workout

Our Rocky Workout is a great way to build on your fitness and get you on the way to a healthy lifestyle.

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