Let's enter the ring.

Take your fitness to the next level with boxing.

Boxers are some of the fittest and strongest athletes around.

The type of physical preparation required to box not only develops speed, agility and skill but also develops mental toughness and self-discipline.

We have the facilities.

We've carefully picked the best equipment and training plans to get the most out of our boxers.

We have the experience.

We are boxers. We've gone through all the vigorous training and know what it takes to get in the ring and fight.

We have the dedication.

We live and breath boxing here at the Training Cave. We'll bring this dedication and mindset to your training.

Enhanced Cardiovascular Health

Box your way to a healthy heart.

We hear it all the time; you need to exercise to protect yourself from heart disease, burn calories and lose (or maintain) weight. You don't have to hop on the treadmill or go for a run though, to keep your heart healthy. Why not punch your way there?

Improved Body Strength

You'll be surprised at how much of your body you use boxing.

You use all parts of your body when boxing, including your upper body, lower body and your core. Pair this with a highly effective circuit, you will be benefitting from a full body workout.

Decreased Stress

Come take your frustrations out on the bags.

We all have those days at work or school, where we need to let off a bit of steam. It's empowering to let your frustrations out, so you can forget that messy house or bad meeting. Plus, it's fun too.

What are you waiting for?