Neurodiversity & SEND

A safe and controlled environment.

Here at Training Cave we are proud to offer a safe and controlled environment for people who are neurodiverse and those with special educational needs to interact with their peers, learn and practice the skills of boxing.

Researchers have concluded that physical exercise is effective in decreasing stereotypic behaviours in individuals with autism and ADHD. And boxing is proven to improve confidence and focus. It also helps with sleep, quicker reaction times and better memory.

The sessions are purely based around skills, both physical and social. Working in small groups, Its about building confidence and aspirations and learning new disciplines. It’s also part of us, helping our community see that everyone has a place and a part to play.

Training Cave currently offers sessions for 14-19 years who are neurodiverse or who have SEND. These classes are every Friday 6-7pm. We also offer time through the day for alternative provision to bring young people to our gym and train.