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Recently I have been going through some business coaching and one exercise really stuck with me…

They told me to write down why my organisation exists. Why did I start the Training Cave?.

At first I wrote ‘because I love boxing and I love training people’. The teacher took a look and said to me there must be a deeper reason, what I’d wrote wasn’t enough.

He said why did I start training in the first place, why did I start boxing and why do I feel so strongly about health and fitness.

Then I instantly knew what he was getting at, recently I have been so caught up in running the gym, building the boxing team, doing home shows and making sure the gym has enough income to stay open, and at least earn a living from it, that I forgot the whole reason it exists.

My grandad got me into working out, he’s the reason why I love training, he taught me what he could and he always guided me.

One thing he always said to me is that he isn’t training for ‘anything’ he’s just training for life. ‘Keeping fit’ as you never know when you might need it.

The teacher then made me write what the Training Cave is, based on my ‘why’ so I came up with…

‘Training Cave is an organisation that uses boxing as a vehicle to help and teach people to be fit, healthy and strong for life’

This helps me to remember, and point out to other people that this gym isn’t all about competitive boxers, it exists so people can become fit, healthy and strong. Physically and mentally, using boxing as a tool to achieve this regardless of a persons age, race or background.

Now I know that when I’m getting stressed , all I need to do is think ‘what would my grandad say?’ and I know the answer will be pretty simple.

Don’t stray away from your true purpose.