Why Boxing?

By 20th September 2020No Comments

Training Cave is an organisation that uses boxing as a vehicle to help and teach people to be fit, healthy and strong for life.

Why boxing?

The sport provides a focus for energy, frustration, stress and emotions while teaching discipline and respect. Being part of a boxing club provides people with a sense of belonging and identity.

Boxing training teaches people self reliance, facing fears, self motivation, stamina, concentration and self control whilst experiencing adrenaline and excitement when learning to fight and defend themselves.

Competing in boxing provides experiences of standing on your own, facing a crowd, preparation, performance, taking responsibility for winning and losing, and dealing with disappointment.

People are able to apply what they learn in sports to their daily lives. Training and competing in boxing builds confidence, inner strength and enables people to feel strong and respected while still being a peaceful person.

Training Cave isn’t just about creating competitive boxers, we are just as concerned about how people are prepared for their every day lives.

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