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What Do We Do Well (Survey Responses)

By 2nd January 2021No Comments

Every now and again we will send out quick, online surveys to our gym community so that we can gather their thoughts and realise what it is they want from us going forward.

In our recent survey, the aim was to see what people think the Training Cave does well, what they would like to see us do in the future and if they were in charge of the Training Cave, what would they do?

We have been shocked by all of the positive responses, so we thought we would put them all down into a blog for the public to see. We appreciate everyone giving up their time to write us some feedback, this is how we will continue to push forward and deliver what the public wants and needs.

Below, is a set of true answers given by the Training Cave community. Answering the question ‘what do we do well?

‘Boosts confidence, friendly atmosphere, welcoming’

‘The Training Cave is a facility that embraces everyone who wishes to train. I particularly enjoy the welcome and knowledge shared by the trainers. I have trained with Jack & Brandon, even as an older customer I like learning new techniques in both boxing and fitness in general. I find I leave The Training Cave feeling like I am just about to drop, this just gives me more inspiration to come back.’

‘Your doing amazing as you are in fact you excel well done team Training Cave 👌’

‘Got good patience for beginners’

‘Perciviers with fat people who moan’

‘Everything. There is nothing that could be done better. With every new venture, lessons are learned and the team adjusts.’

‘Involve everyone’

‘Teachers my son skills.’

‘Great coaches/staff who really make the kids feel part of the training cave family and make it fun! I also think it’s amazing that you are giving back to the community and also take an interest on what’s relevant for young people at this present time e.g exploitation/county lines.’

‘Making everyone feel welcome.’

‘Creates a family environment ‘

‘Great friendly community spirit’

‘Jack’s are star🥊🥊’

‘Brings people together’

‘I think, to get a grasp on how well you run your gym, one needs to be in a position to compare…Having been involved of sorts with boxing for a decade at a professional level and now from a personal level with my Son…whom is luckily at The Training Cave…. I am in this position to compare … I have been fortunate to experience most gyms in the region and it is this, that proves to me The Training Cave is a thoroughly well run gym on all levels from H&S ( which for the kids, is absolutely paramount) to the structure of the fighters progression. I doubt there is a gym as well run as the Training Cave in these parts and further afield.’

‘Supports and understands additional needs and provides training for the underprivileged youths.’

‘Created a sense of community for young and old. Communicated well about any changes about possible closure due to Covid. Provided a positive environment for my child to be in and ultimately supported his mental health during a really challenging year.’

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to fill out our survey, if you wish to see some of the responses to what we could do better, please click here