Vitamins and Minerals

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I feel like I’m going to sound like my Mum now… we all need to eat our fruit and veg! Every single day. The reason for this is they are packed full of micronutrients, also known as vitamins and minerals.

All natural foods contain vitamins and minerals. Some more than others. This is why it is important to vary the foods we eat.

Micronutrients often get over looked. Some people make the mistake of only concentrating on macronutrient intake (protein, fat, carbohydrates). What we need to understand is that vitamins and minerals are needed for proper bodily function.

Vitamins are needed for growth, metabolism and health. They do not provide energy, but they act as ‘links’ in our body’s systems that release energy from food we have consumed for us to use.

Examples of the work that certain minerals do include the building of our nails, teeth and soft tissue. They are also needed to regulate functions such as nerve responses, muscle contraction, muscle relaxation, immune defences and many more.

Hopefully by now you understand that the more pieces of fruit and vegetables that we eat daily, the more we will improve our bodies. Vitamins and minerals are vital for life!

One thing that people will probably love to know (if they didn’t already) is that vegetables are very low in calories. So fill your plates right up and eat away.


Unfortunately, these days we do have a problem…


‘members of the food industry are not concerned with your health’


Its no secret that by the time our fruit and veg reaches our hands it has more than likely been treated with chemicals, handled many times over and possibly even been treated with colouring agents to promote a more attractive look. All this may lead to the vitamin and mineral content of the foods being depleted.

Aim to purchase organic food. Try to consume fruit and vegetables as close to a natural state as possible. Please note that even NON organic natural foods are still FAR superior compared to processed items such as cereal.

Sometimes, people ask if they should use supplements to ensure they are  receiving enough vitamins and minerals daily. My answer is… our need for supplementation will drop as our nutritional habits improve.

Also please consider this quote…

food contains a spectrum of nutrients and phytochemicals that work synergistically with each other. It is impossible for a pill to replicate this fine balance’

I wanted to include the above quote to further remind you all that you cant beat REAL food. No matter what bull**** someone is trying to sell you.

Only take advice on supplementation from a registered dietician or degree qualified nutritionist, NOT from someone who is selling the products. This includes personal trainers.

That’s my little rant over, sorry about that!

Now to wrap up, do what your Mum always told you to do. Eat your fruit and vegetables. As always she was right, and if you now have children please try to encourage them to eat these wonder foods (I know this can be almost impossible but we can try).

‘An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest’

-Benjamin Franklin

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