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Had a trip over to Hull on Monday to visit one of my boxing pals Seb and his gym Vulcan ABC.

The main reason behind the visit was because I want to take the Training Cave to another level now in terms of the whole organisation.

This isn’t something that I want to happen straight away, I just want to make sure I’m taking it in the right direction so that in years to come we will be ready.

I was massively inspired by what Seb has achieved so far and what he’s continuing to do for his community.

Not only is it an amateur boxing club but it also has an open weights area, classrooms and a youth club.

They are providing a safe place for kids and adults to attend, the gym has grown so much over the years it’s even created jobs for people as well as offering apprenticeships.

It’s not just a fitness centre, it’s also a learning centre. Which is what I always had in my mind for what I wanted the Training Cave to become one day; a place where people can come, get fit, learn and better their lives because of it.

What has got me fired up most is knowing that Vulcan started off years ago the same as we did, in a little warehouse and it’s grown to the little monster it is today.

Maybe one day we will provide something similar in Birstall. I know I’ll graft myself to the ground until it’s a reality.

I didn’t take any pictures as I know Seb will want to do that once his project is 100% complete.

‘The difference is not your paycheck. The difference is your philosophy.’ – Jim Rohn