Training Cave Values

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The Training Cave has been open for almost three years now and we thought it would be a great idea to start establishing and articulating our organisational values. We feel that doing this would help us shape the culture within our organisation and help with our future decision making.

We then asked everyone that is involved with the Training Cave to answer five questions for us regarding their feelings about the gym. These people included; children, parents, members and coaches.

By doing this we could find our current values that are already present and then develop them.

We thought we would share some if the answers…


Please describe what the Training Cave is.

‘A boxing gym. A family. A place where you can be yourself and be accepted no matter what your ability. Even if you don’t want to fight you can still join in just for fitness’

‘A fantastic boxing gym for children and adults of all ages. A place for kids to find an extended family.. to make friends and learn from each other . Coaches are fantastic role models and there is a real dedication and commitment from them to teach.’

‘A boxing club who trains competing boxers and also offers training to non competing boxers and the community. Great boxing themed circuit training three times a week for anyone. Fantastic people and atmosphere!’

‘Training cave to me is not just a gym but a family unit.’


What does the Training Cave mean to you?

‘It means so much….it is the highlight of my daughters week to go. It is very important to us and her family and friends are so proud she is a part of the Training Cave and love to see her pictures on Facebook. It has given my daughter an insight into what she wants to study at college (sport).’

‘Gosh where do I start, it means so much, this place gives individuals their health and fitness, but also their confidence and I’ve witnessed a number of individuals mental health change. It’s a place where changes happen and all for good.’

‘Training cave is where I have rediscovered my love for boxing. So to me it means everything.’

‘It is a community in itself, young ,old all mixed together to help each other get fit, help with problems and also there to help with anti-social behaviour in the area’


Please describe a time when you think the Training Cave has been successful and why?

‘Each and every day. The successes of the Training Cave are epitomised by Jack and his growing network of coaches and support. A highlight would be securing its first titles for fighters and successfully completing 3 home shows. In another instance, a 2 hour rocky workout was put on to raise money for charity.’

‘My son had such low self esteem the school were considering trying to get him registered as autistic, he was also suffering with anger problems. Within months of him starting he was a different child happier, more confident and engaging in conversations. He was a world away from the boy he was.’

‘In my opinion for me, the Training Cave was successful in building up my daughters confidence and self esteem as she had been a victim of school bullies. From the very first session she attended I saw a change in her and she never looked back in her new found confidence.’

‘In my opinion for me, the Training Cave was successful in building up my daughters confidence and self esteem as she had been a victim of school bullies. From the very first session she attended I saw a change in her and she never looked back in her new found confidence.’

‘I see the success of the Training Cave on a daily basis, Training Cave is not just about running a successful boxing team, it is more about how boxing can be used for the personal development of the young people who participate.’

‘When young people need support either at school, out in the community, andalso working with those on the fringes of becoming involved with anti-social behaviour or crime’


What do you feel when you walk into the Training Cave?

When I walk into the gym it’s always a welcomed reception and a great reminder of my memories of boxing been passed onto the next generation. But mainly that I am going to be pushed to my limit and come away feeling better about myself.’

‘Calm, training cave is my kind of therapy. I could be having the worst day ever and as soon as I step through that door and lace my boots up it’s like zen. Nothing matter for them 2 hours.’

‘Good. It’s not a fancy gym with people standing in mirrors. It’s a place where everyone is nice, we are all friends and Jack and the coaches make us feel welcome.’


What do you like most about the Training Cave?

‘On a personal level I like the variety of training they offer, not one training session is the same as the last one. There is a very good knowledge of boxing and exercise in the gym. But as a father of 3 children knowing that there is somewhere like training cave for kids to go to, no matter what their background in my area, gives me a good feeling about our community. I am sure what jack and his team can offer will provide plenty more success stories to come in the future!’

‘The thing I like most about Training Cave is the way it helps positively develop young people. I have personally seen this on many occasions, it teaches kids both discipline, respect and really develops self confidence in young people who participate.’

‘That jack as the passion and wont big things for the Birstall kids he’s awesome at what he does and I can see him going far and beyond with each and every child as every one matters to him’

‘The feeling of the gym, everyone is there for each other and it’s not an intimidating place to go work out’


With the results of the questions we will now be able to come up with sentences that exactly define the Training Caves core values. These will then be on display in our gym for everyone use, live by and build them into everything they do.