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? First episode is up! ?

Training Cave podcast #1 introduction.

Training Cave is an amateur boxing club that is based in Birstall, West Yorkshire.

This episode is an introduction to the podcast which will be used to tell our story along the way. From the work we currently do in the gym to the activities that we are providing within our community and what we plan to do in the near future.

The gym was founded over two years ago, during that time we have developed a boxing team and built a great group of coaches.

In 2019 we have started to work externally and are providing activities to young people in Birstall and Batley.

Five other episodes have been pre recorded and will be released weekly. These include:

– Coaches and the impact they have on young peoples lives.

– What you need to know if you wish to compete in amateur boxing

– A parent interview! We talk about his son and daughter that both train with us, the challenges they have faced and how sport has helped them.

– How every kid deserves a chance, regardless of background or where they come from.

– Girls boxing and what we are doing to increase participation.

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