Training Cave Life and Times

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This is the beginning of the ‘Training Cave Life and Times’ series. For a while now I have been wanting to blog about what goes on in the gym. I have always said I don’t like the word ‘client’. I train real people that I care about. I am going to use these posts as a way of talking about all these hard trainers that come to train for real reasons.

This first instalment will be mainly about the boxing classes. I am very happy with how everyone has progressed so far both in the junior classes and also the senior classes.

I try to make the classes as enjoyable as possible but we all must remember that boxing is a tough sport. It has been a learning curve for me as a coach as I am teaching young kids from the beginning. This means I have taught most of them how to stand, move, throw basic punches and move like a boxer. While all this is nice and fun to teach and learn, if people want to box they have to get used to punching someone and most importantly handle being hit back in the face.


One night we had tears, poor little Grace was looking brilliant in training. Her footwork was coming on nicely, her punches nice and straight. She was starting to show promise in sparring so I thought it was time for the lads to start punching back a little as her confidence was growing. Unfortunately the first real punch she took was a bit of a shock to the system. Grace was upset but after a little rest and a chat she jumped straight back in the ring to spar. I do believe this is the best thing you can do, just get straight back in.

We have two young lads that seem to be standing out at the moment. Marley and Noah. Marley isn’t as naturally talented but he never stops working and always listens. Noah has a bit of natural ability, but he’s another one that seems to love being in the gym. The junior classes start at 5.30pm but I could put money on Marley and Noah being in the gym by 5.10pm. They are always early, Marley is obsessed at the moment with being able to do his first pull up and Noah could shadow box or skip until his arms and legs fell off!

Amelia has trained with me for a long time now. She used to come to a kids class that I ran at a gym I used to work at. This girl loves her training and her fitness levels are naturally pretty high. Amelia missed a week of training through the school holidays as she was away on a school trip. She came straight back into the gym on the day she got back, her mum told me she was too tired to train but wanted to come anyway. She battled on, I had never seen her look so tired in the face but she finished the session and she did me proud! We all have days where we are tired and probably don’t feel like training, but on that day she proved to me she is very serious about her boxing.

Brandon only started a couple of weeks back, he came to a boxercise class with his mum to do a bit of fitness. It turned out that he enjoyed the session and wanted to come to a proper boxing class. At 14 he’s one of the youngest in the senior class, but he is showing already that he can handle sparring with men. Last week he came in the gym looking shattered, he told me had been doing cross country through the day at school. Just like Amelia though he battled on like a little warrior and still gave me 100% during the class.

All these people that I have mentioned in this blog post are the type of young athletes I imagined I would have in my gym.


Now onto some of the seniors. Rang is a beast for his age. He comes across as the type of person that has probably trained all of his life. One main thing that he has brought to the gym, is how he encourages people to keep going and keep pushing. That’s the kind of atmosphere I want, its old school. Boxing is an individual sport but in the gym we train as a team and its good to hear people push each other on.

I have so much more I could talk about, but I don’t want to bore you all too much. ‘Training Cave Life and Times’ will become a regular blog so look out for them in the near future please!

The people I train know that I love a good quote, here is one that Nick sent me the other day:

‘Whatever you’re thinking, think bigger’
– Tony Hsieh

I also want to thank Nick for coming up with the title for this series. Champ 🙂