Training Cave Legacy

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This may come across really cliché but one of my earliest memories is being in a really old school, spit and sawdust gym with my Grandad. Starting out, I would just watch him while he trained and follow him around. Over time though I found myself wanting to know what he was doing and why he was doing it…

‘I’m just training for life’ was his answer.

He believed that by keeping him self fit, strong and healthy he was one step ahead of everyone else who didn’t train. Some of the blokes he trained with were honestly some of the fittest guys I have seen.

I realised I wanted to be like my Grandad and these people that trained in the same gym as him. I would be training and I would look over at them absolutely drenched in sweat, they was knackered but they would just keep pushing through.

That old gym was tiny and certainly didn’t have the kind of shiny equipment you see now in commercial gyms. Physiques were built with hard work.  It really hit me that if I wanted to be like these people I have to work as hard as them or even harder.

The ‘gym life’ has taught me many things. But my Grandad laid all the foundations, he taught me the basics with physical training but most importantly he taught me all about hard graft, having the right attitude and always being dedicated no matter how I felt.

Its the way he brought me up, because of his philosophy on training I train for what I feel is a real strong reason. I don’t train for an occasion, I don’t train for aesthetics, I train for life because I love training.

Sadly he’s no longer with us but training is the closest thing that makes me feel like I’m with him. Being in the gym environment is a constant reminder of my childhood and I now live for it.

When he passed away I completely started to change the way I think about life. I’m an electrician by trade and I was earning really good money for my age but I realised that I wanted to have the same impact on as many people as possible as my Grandad did on me.

I decided to get into personal training and also start coaching boxers as I had missed the sport since retiring. I was doubted by a lot of people including close friends and family. But that didn’t matter to me, I knew exactly what I wanted to do and where I wanted to be.

I have done whatever I can over the last couple of years to keep the money coming in. I have laboured on building sites, worked around a few different gyms and also volunteered training amateur boxers to help develop my skills as a coach.

I always knew things would never be right for me until I had my own place. My own facility to teach people all about exercise, nutrition and boxing.

It has been a hard slog over the last couple of months getting the Training Cave ready whilst also working. I have had times where I have worried myself sick thinking things may not work out. But then I remember its what I need to do for my Grandad’s legacy. Its what I live for and I will make it work no matter what.

Getting people fit, healthy and strong is now the Training Caves legacy but it is only going to be a success if I can influence people to stay fit and strong for LIFE.

‘Humans need to always have goals and a clear cut purpose for their existence’

– Cus D’amato