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Over the last six or seven months I have found it really hard to switch myself off from my job. I absolutely love what I do and I am very lucky to be training some of the best people, but I find it hard to stop thinking about something that I am completely obsessed with. One very simple form of exercise that has helped me so much is walking.

Most people these days would benefit so much from getting more oxygen in their lives. It is the perfect exercise for people of all ages and fitness levels (that are able). Going out and walking with family or friends will not only benefit you physically but also mentally. Trust me.

Me and my girlfriend have now decided to go off one day every week and do a challenging walk with the dog. In the last month we have walked the Yorkshire three peaks individually.

I like to think I am fit, but whilst walking up Ingleborough last Sunday I was breathing really heavy as I got to the top, my heart was beating really fast and my legs felt like they had just done hundreds of lunges one after the other.

I turned to Lucy and said ‘people need to get out more’. The gym is not the be all and end all when it comes to exercise. Honestly get yourself outside more often around your workouts and see how much fitter you will become.

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The gym can be a complicated place for most people who don’t exercise regular. It can also be a very monotonous place for someone who trains all the time. One  thing about being outdoors is it is always changing, it is without doubt the best place that I have worked out.

Now, if you remember several paragraphs ago I wrote that I cant stop thinking about training. So I’m walking up this beast of a hill  to get my mind off the gym and boxing…thinking shit I’m not as fit as I thought, more training needed!

Anyone who doesn’t think that walking is hard, try walking up a steep hill for a few hours. I bet you would come back to me and tell me differently. A challenging walk will humble you, long duration exercise will test your mental toughness no matter what activity you are doing.

Due to the love I have for my dog Oscar I do like to post pictures up regularly of where we have walked with him on social media. A mate of mine commented on one photo ‘you get about a lot mate, furthest I go is the pub’. I have nothing against anyone who doesn’t want to exercise and I do love a good piss up but I would hate to think id spent years of my life just going to the pub on a weekend.


Life is too short to not go out, see as much as you can and really challenge yourself.

I could write about anything to do with exercise, excuses will be pouring out no matter what from some people. I am now talking about the most simplest form of exercise that you can do, if you STILL have an excuse to not exercise then you need to check your priorities.

Please remember, excuses get you no where fast.

‘The world is your gym’ – Ross Enamait.

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