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Wow what a night… I said the day before that the team had done all the hard work, it was now time for the fun part and all we needed was the crowd to bring the atmosphere.

They nearly took the roof off!!

Every single fight our lot was involved in was a war, very close bouts that could have gone either way. Home and away corners not taking a step back.

Win or lose every person that fought in that ring last night is a champion in my eyes.

I wanted to share this picture as I think it sums up everything about our club, our young boxers stood together supporting each other. This moment isn’t just about the boxers, it reflects the attitude of the whole gym, this is the support that everyone gives us, parents, members and general fans.

To say I’m proud of our lot is an understatement… they never take a step back and fight their hearts out every time. Can’t ask for any more than that.

#ReturnOfThePack #StrongForLife