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By 4th September 2021No Comments

9 years ago today I lost my best pal.

It was only last week that I did a personal development session with a group of young people in our gym.

It was our employability group, they’ve been with us 12 weeks now and throughout the course we’ve talked many times about what they want to do with their lives and how they plan on getting there etc.

We’ve trained for strength, fitness and boxing. We have done leadership, mindfulness, presentation, public speaking, cv writing and interview techniques.

When I heard our friend Bolu talk to them about how positive influences in their lives can guide them towards their goal, I realised how important this can be.

These positive influences could be a celebrity, a famous sports person, a rapper or someone closer such as a parent, friend or teacher.

I thought it would be good to get them to think about who’s really had an impact on them. How did that person make them feel and do they want to be like that person? Could this help to keep them on track?

Light bulb moment

I had my laptop open and whilst the group were writing down ideas and discussing, one of them looked up and asked who it was on my screensaver.

I explained that it was my Grandad and the way this person made me feel, keeps me on track.

We all have days where we really don’t want to do something. Even if it falls in line with our goals. We just aren’t motivated to do it. I hate doing paper work, I can’t stand doing the gym accounts, writing funding applications is the most boring thing in the world, replying to emails bogs me down some days and managing our online booking system can be a ball ache.

But, I have to do these things to keep the Training Cave ticking. Everyday I open my laptop and I see my Grandad. I don’t always even notice he’s there but subconsciously it must be having an effect.

No finish line

He influenced me without even knowing it, along with my parents and sports coaches I had growing up. The lessons I have learnt from all of these people are still with me today.

I set out to to have a positive impact on as many people as possible in the same way my Grandad had on me. Through sport and exercise. Not everyone is as lucky. This is non stop and there is no end goal. I’m grateful to be living it every day.