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This is what Conor McGregor said about his coach John Kavanagh in the book ‘win or learn’. I was reading this book while I was going through the process of setting up the Training Cave and this little paragraph stuck in my mind.

When I was boxing I do feel that I spent the majority of my training time hitting a bag or sparring.

Working the bag bored the hell out of me.

Sparring was a good learning curve but I think that’s mainly how I learnt, by taking many beatings! As an amateur and professional.

I hope that the people that have been training in our gym for a long period of time now understand why I run the sessions like I do.

We mainly only have one punch bag hung up, it may be used for the odd drills. Lots of partner work is done because I wanted everyone to learn to do the pads, so they can teach each other. Various drills are taught for the reason that the fighters can come in the gym and just get on with things.

Since retiring from fighting my minds opened massively to how different people learn. There’s also much more to teaching boxing than people think… even down to an individuals posture, balance and coordination.

It’s important to me that when people come into our gym they will learn something, even if they don’t get it the first time I hope we can plant a seed and make them think.