Mexican Village Boxing Gym

By 2nd June 2017No Comments

Last week I shared a video I came across on YouTube. It was a clip of some Mexican children training in the local village gym. I love seeing videos likes this, they don’t have much equipment to work with but what they do have is place to train, coaches and hunger.

As you can see in the video they are bouncing around and working non stop. These little boxers don’t look like they are casually training for fitness, they want something for the work they are putting in.

Videos like this really fire me up, I often search around YouTube to see people training ‘old school’ with limited equipment. I think the fitness industry has lost itself in some ways with all the fancy machines and ‘fast track’ solutions. Commercial gyms just don’t cut it for me, I don’t think I could ever thrive in that environment and I think most people will find they can do much more elsewhere with much less.

Listen to the video and the coaches are barking orders throughout. The people training at this gym aren’t left to train on their own accord and go through the motions, they are being driven by the people around them.

I suppose I’m lucky that I fell into the boxing life, I was lucky to train in an environment that didn’t have much equipment. What it did have was a group of people around each other willing to give blood, sweat and tears for results.

I’m not suggesting that people should go away now to cancel their gym memberships and start training like kids who box in a Mexican village. I’m just trying to open peoples eyes and make them realise that you don’t need much equipment to train and get results. What you DO need first and foremost is effort and determination.

‘People who don’t understand what gut busting hard work and commitment are don’t understand what it takes to get results from training. They are always looking for a short cut, a magic pill or training routine with “secrets” in it.’
-zach even-esh