Meal Plans

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Meal plans. I get asked quite a lot to do meal plans for people. There’s two reasons why I don’t: one, because I’m not a nutritionist, and two, because I don’t really believe in set meal plans. What I do, do for people, and the people that I train, is I get them to fill out food diaries for me.

Now food diaries, they provide me with information such as a person’s daily habits, their routines, what times they eat, what kind of foods they like, what kind of foods they don’t like, how they react to foods.
Now nutrition, just like training, there’s no one size fits all. On the back of the information I give back to people, I then expect the individuals to go away, play around with food, use that advice I’ve given them, and see what works for them. This is why I always say there’s no magic solution, there’s no quick fix, so you’ve got to take your time to learn.

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