Home Workouts #PackWorkouts

By 20th June 2020No Comments

That’s the last of the #PackWorkouts recorded and scheduled for Facebook and YouTube.

When lockdown started I genuinely thought it might go on for a month or so then we would be back in the gym.

I didn’t think I’d be recording 100 days worth of workouts for people to be doing at home 🤦🏻‍♂️.

Thank you to everyone that’s taken part and those who’ve sent their scores in for the tests. I hope it’s kept you all motivated at times when you have needed it.

I’ll be honest, there has been days where I really couldn’t be bothered to write them up, film and post. Iv also found my self comparing Joe Wicks’ video views of 100s of 1000s compared to my 5-10, not sure what I’m doing wrong, maybe I should grow my hair?! 😁.

If anyone wants to use these workouts then you can check out our YouTube channel here… these workouts are a mixture of strength, conditioning, muscle building, high intensity and endurance. They’re ideal for anyone training at home and with limited space. The only equipment I recommend you buy is either a suspension trainer or something to do pull ups on.

I’m just about to put together 10 boxing drills videos that people can make use of and I may do some more lives leading up to the gym opening. If people want? This time I’ll do it in the Training Cave though, as I want to show it off.

The lockdown has taken almost a third up of 2020, and I’m really missing the atmosphere in the gym. Can’t wait to see everyone, hopefully we will have some newcomers to welcome into the pack too that have joined our online training and fancy the real thing.

At the time of writing this post, there is still another weeks worth of workouts to get through. They will finish on June 30th 2020.