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By 4th September 2020November 5th, 2020No Comments

☀️ Our summer boxing camps have ended today…

We’ve had 453 attendees in our FREE day time boxing classes over the last 6 weeks, funded by Kirklees council.

Training Cave has provided a total of 60 free boxing classes for 6-18 year olds since re-opening it’s doors following lockdown.

The aims of these sessions were to bring young people back to some kind of normality, give them the opportunity to meet with friends that they hadn’t seen in months and form new relationships.

It has been the perfect chance for them to get into physical training, learn new skills and try something different.

Training Cave has had to adapt like everybody else. Attendee numbers have been limited due to the virus and an online software was set up. Activities within the gym had to be a little different too, we included the usual boxing skills, technique, fitness and personal development but we also introduced weight training which the young people seemed to really enjoy.

Every time we roll out a school holiday project we meet many new people. It’s always an exciting time and many tend to stay and join the Training Cave as a full time member. We have also found the odd few reach the level of competition and represent the club.

We feel that the young people who have attended our summer sessions will now be fully equipped, physically and mentally for their return to education. And we’ve had the best time getting them ready for whatever comes next 🥊