Fighters Nerves and Fear

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I’m just down in the basement at my house and then it reminded me this was the original training cave if anyone wondered where that term came from. This is where I’ve trained somebody right in the beginning about two years ago for a fight. I’ve realised I’ve learnt so much since then not just from a boxing point of view but just coaching in general.

There’s one thing I want to talk about, and that’s nerves because we’ve got a couple of lads fighting this week after a bit of time off over Christmas. If you’re planning on fighting, if you’ve got a charity fight or you’re planning on fighting amateur, you will need to understand you will go through nerves. Everybody goes through it.
Nerves can have a big impact on the outcome of a fight. You know it affects your thinking, what you see, what you hear. There’s no way of sort of fully overcoming nerves, but through training, through practise, through reliving those fears over and over again you will learn to deal with them a little bit better.
There’s no shortcut to overcoming fear.

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