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Fight For Peace Feature

By 24th December 2020No Comments

Training Cave has recently been featured on Fight For Peace’s social media. Below is a combination of the three posts, copied and pasted from their social channels.

Strong for Life 

The philosophy of the Training Cave is to help and teach people to be fit, healthy and strong for life. 

Based in Yorkshire in the UK and led by Jack Sunderland and his team, the organisation works with young people aged six and upwards using the power of boxing to inspire and support young people to learn, develop and thrive. 

It’s our privilege to work alongside organisations like this in the Fight for Peace Alliance – sharing our expertise, and supporting and learning from each other, we’re all better placed to inspire and be inspired by the next gen. 

Keep nurturing the champions of tomorrow team Training Cave

The impact of our environment can be massive. #TBT to the evolution of the mighty Training Cave , a member organisation in the Fight for Peace Alliance

Training Cave Founder Jack Sunderland: “We took on an old run down unit that needed a lot of work, we didn’t have much money to get started so we bought the essentials.

As time went by we were able to upgrade the kit and decorate! We wanted the look of the gym to match our standards of coaching and delivery.

It’s always nice to look back on old pictures and see how far we’ve come in a short space of time.”

The Fight for Peace Alliance brings together over 120 community organisations from 18 countries. The aim? To share knowledge, pool expertise and work together to have the biggest impact on our young people and communities.

Investing in the next gen 

One of the Training Cave’s core values is leadership and they believe strongly in supporting and guiding young leaders. 

After joining the Training Cave, Brandon (pictured) got in shape and grew in confidence. 

With his obvious potential, he took up a full time apprenticeship with the Training Cave. He now works a minimum of 30 hours per week for the gym alongside studying to be a Level 3 personal trainer. He is also on course to gain his England Boxing coaching qualifications.

Through Brandon’s own transformation and work ethic he’s paving the way for many that will follow him. #StrongForLife