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By 28th September 2019December 13th, 2021No Comments

Last time I was in London I was chucking wires across a shop ceiling trying to do job and knock whilst wondering how I’m going to get out of a job I didn’t enjoy.

This time round I have been here trying to learn how I can take my boxing gym to the next level in terms of what it provides for the people in our area.

Over the last couple of years I have realised that the Training Cave can be much more than just a boxing gym.

Not everyone that trains in our gym wants to compete as a boxer so we have always provided beginners, skills only and fitness classes around our competitive fighters classes.

The wide range of people that I have met since opening the gym have come from all kinds of backgrounds with different needs and wants.

Boxing offers a great platform for bringing communities together. It teaches discipline, focus, life skills. It offers mentors through coaches and role models. It’s an outlet for young people that have bags of energy to burn. Boxing gyms are ‘community hubs’ that welcome everyone and give them a sense of belonging.

Subconsciously I have been taking all this in over the last couple of years. But a few months back I reached the point where I felt the Training Cave needed to make a jump.

We started working in the community, attracting young people that might have never stepped foot in our gym. We have also welcomed young people into the Training Cave who are working with the local youth offending team.

Just this last week we have made two proposals. One to offer FREE boxing sessions on Field head estate during all the school holidays right into 2020, the second one is to work in partnership with the Kirklees youth offending team.

One has been accepted so far ?, I’ll reveal which one soon (hopefully I can announce both).

The few days I have spent with fight for peace has really inspired me. I have had my eyes opened and I now really believe that what I always wanted to do with the gym is possible.

I have been able to meet many people that are going through the exact same struggles as me with the same aims in completely different areas of the UK.

I’m proud to say that the Training Cave is now part of the fight for peace alliance which is a network of organisations that believe in the power of combat sports, education and personal development to bring positive change to the lives of young people living in communities effected by crime and violence.

‘All ideas are good ideas, because at the time you have them, you don’t know where they might lead you.’