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I have received quite a few messages regarding our new female only boxing class that starts next week (June 14th). I thought I would share the questions with an answer for everyone to see.

Is this class ok for beginners?

Yes, the class is brand new. Some of our girls have trained with us for a while but only one is at a level of competition. We are still a relatively new boxing club and teach everyone from scratch.

Can parents stay and watch?

I’m sorry but we do not allow parents to stay in the gym while the training sessions are taking place.

Can Mums train with their daughters in this class?

Yes that’s fine for now. If the class becomes really busy then we will have to split the age groups.

What age do you need to be to train in this class?

I have set it to 9 years and older. That’s right through the teenage years and into adult age. Like I said previously, if the class becomes too busy then we will split the age groups.

What is the price of the class?

It’s £5.

Can females also train in your other classes?

Yes of course, I encourage them to take part in as many classes as possible. This class was created to give them the chance to build confidence and develop their skills.

Will there be sparring in this class?

Yes sparring will take place in this class as it’s aimed at developing beginners into advanced boxers who wish to compete. If you do not wish to take part in any contact training we run adult fitness classes called ‘rocky workouts’ where you can train like a boxer without getting hit.

What days and times will these classes be?

Starting from June 14th the classes will run every Friday at 4pm.

What equipment do I need?

To start with, you can borrow our gloves (they stink though) but we do recommend you buy your own after you have been a couple of times and decide that you want to regularly attend the sessions. Once you reach a level of skill to start full sparring you will need a gumshield, we provide headguards but again they stink a bit!

Do I need to book in advance?

No, just turn up! Please make sure you are early though. We like to start on time.

If anyone has any more questions please feel free to message me or comment on here. I do think some people might expect this to be a women’s fitness class. It isn’t, it’s a female BOXING class where we will be teaching defence, attacks and sparring.

This class has been created to help the girls develop in their own class and we hope that over time this will lead to more females competing for real.

It is really important that we get more women doing exercise and being active, and those that have taken up boxing or boxing training will definitely find that it has a really positive impact on their health, fitness and well-being.

– Nicola Adams