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We deal with such a different range of kids in our gym.

One thing I have come to realise is that the ‘troubled’ ones tend to have a reason for acting the way they do.

It could be a missing parent or some kind of trauma that’s happened during their young lives.

An easy explanation could be a ‘lack of discipline’ at home… but I’m not too sure about that one as I have seen children brought up in the same family that have completely different characteristics.

One thing I have noticed with the boxing gym, is most of these kids take to the sport and grow to love it. They want to be in the gym as much as possible.

This has sometimes lead to parents/carers using it against them… ‘you have been bad at school today, you can’t go boxing’.

But what I always think is and try to say to these parents is that your kids aren’t bad in the gym! (If they are I would tell you). Keep them coming because we may be the only ‘discipline’ that they accept.

In my opinion, every kid deserves a chance. They are only children, they act the way they do because that’s all they know. Not everyone can mould them, but if you notice that a sports coach is having a positive impact on them please don’t take that opportunity away.

That coach might be the one to change them.

I’d like to know what parents and other coaches think about this?

‘The children of the kids we work with may not have been born yet, but their future life chances have been enhanced because of what we did today.’