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We still don’t know a definite date yet for opening but we are staying optimistic and hoping for July at the earliest.

We will be adding an extra 15 Rocky workouts (boxing fitness classes) to our timetable going forward. These will be held through the day, Monday-Friday.

We already deliver three popular night time and weekend Rocky workouts that are perfect for those who wish to train like a boxer, get fit and lose weight without any contact training.

Rocky workouts consist of a boxing circuit which includes padwork, bag work, body weight exercises and the use of various equipment such as; assault bike, rowing machine, prowler, kettlebells and battle ropes.

These day time sessions will be at 7am for early risers, 9.30am school run and 12noon dinner session. Our night time classes are Tuesdays 6pm and Thursdays 7.30pm, the week finishes with a Saturday morning Rocky workout at 10am.

Training Cave welcomes both male and female participants over 14 years of age into our Rocky workouts regardless of fitness level. The sessions are as tough as the participant wants them to be as it’s possible to go at your own pace.

Neither boxing or fitness experience is needed as we take pride in teaching people from scratch and supporting them on their way into a life of health and fitness.

Rocky workouts are £5 per session, 45min-1hour in length. Monthly membership is £40 per month rolling contract which can be cancelled at any time. Out of this monthly membership you get the choice of 18 classes per week to participate in.

Changing rooms and showers are available for those who need them.

We have given the gym a freshen up, decorated and added some new equipment ready for when we open.

This is a big step forward for us in becoming Birstall’s community boxing hub.

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