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A Batley Legend

By 13th November 2020No Comments

A present left to me by one of my Dads best pals, the great Kev Maguire. A Batley legend.

Apparently he said to my Dad he wanted me to have it because of what I do with the gym. He said ‘I was one of them lads’.

Me and Lucy loved Kev to bits, he was always around. He supported me when I boxed, he came on family holidays, he supported me with my gym often sponsoring the team, he was on my stag do and he was there to celebrate our wedding.

He was always there and we always felt safe when Kev was around.

An old school bloke with good morals who knew the power of sport and what it can do for someone’s life. Without knowing it, he had a big impact on mine and I’ll never forget 🥊 ❤️ 🏉.